domingo, 3 de julio de 2011

Writing with Word Processors

Here we explored how Microsoft Word and Google docs can make things easier for us! Firstly, we learnt some ideas on how to face the process of writing in general like how to brainstorm ideas for example by using pictures taken from Flickrcc (not copyrighted images) or how to focus, and draft and re-draft. Afterwards, we went through some tools such as the spelling checker, the bulleting, footnotes and the hyperlink tools. We also compared the advantages and disadvantages of using Word and Google docs.

I must say I am very :) with the course (and I am not saying this just because.)I have learned several things about word I did not know such as organizing text in columns, adding subaccounts to gmail, adding hyperlinks with definitions, and that there are different free alternatives to Word.
Also, I learned I should not type ja ja to express laughter but LOL :) :)
Moreover, I started practising typing in the "correct" way, that is to say, although I type relatively fast, I do not always place my fingers in the right spot. So now, I am making the effort to get better at this. I would like to learn the whole pack of office in the same way we worked with word processors, but of course, I don´t think there is time for that. Generally speaking, I would like to keep on learning things that help teachers improve and speed up the design of lessons. Summing up, I find this course quite enriching

Below you can take a look at the outcome of my first assessment session. ;)

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  1. Good job Lucía! I've added a similar picture to my Word assignment!
    Your blog is really very good! The layout and the colours used give it a great image!
    It was very nice to meet you.